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About the Spa

From the moment a guest walks through the door, “El Reposo”, staff work hard to provide a personalized experience.  We pride ourselves on a friendly, positive, exceptional attention to detail. 

We are committed to provide a number of services to pamper and please you step into El Reposo Spa to rejuvenate your body and mind.  You will emerge refreshed and inspire.  Inside you will enjoy an experience like no other with our unique design that welcomes you into a warm, calming retreat. 

Our professionals have over 20 years’ experience each. 

We are the only Antigua Spa that produces their own natural & organic beauty products.  The oils we use are all kinds of biodiversified Mayan products such as cacao, honey, avocado, coconut, etc.

These organic products are now available for sale.


Our locally owned and operated is sure to please you with our friendly, relaxed manner.



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We are specializing in body treatments such as:

Massage: Relaxing massage, hot rock massage, Deep tissue massage, Bamboo massage

Foot Reflexology, Body Dead Sea Wraps, Body Exfoliation, Cleansing Facials & Waxing’s.

We also offer gift certificates special packages and group services. 


El Reposo Spa has two double table massages rooms and single bed massage rooms, resting area, a terrace with garden, facial and waxing services (hair removal) and a comfortable waiting area.  If you want to relax while you visit Antigua Guatemala, El Reposo Spa is for you.



Frecuently Asked Questions

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Should You Tip a Massage Therapist?

Basically, a tip expresses your appreciation for the service you’ve been offered. If you’re happy with the massage, or if the massage therapist impressed you with her skills, you may want to show that by giving a tip.

In some places, such as clinics or health clubs, tipping is not usually part of the protocol. But there are some professional massage therapists who say that tipping is appreciated even in medical settings.

If tipping is not standard or if you don’t feel like doing it, you may want to recommend the massage therapist to express your gratitude. Referrals are often as good as a tip. On the other hand, in hotels, or in spas, it’s customary to offer tips to the masseuse. Typically, the tip is about 20%, or even 25% if you’re satisfied with the service.

When it comes to getting a therapeutic massage in a parlor or salon, tipping is not regarded as a must, but it’s always welcome. Just like servers, massage therapists work hard, but don’t earn much, so tips are always appreciated. A massage therapist must give part of what she makes to their employer, and pay their taxes; therefore, her net income is lower than you might think. If you believe that they did a good job, and if they made you feel better after the massage, you may want to say thank you by giving them a tip.

What We Provide for The Massage Service?

The massage service includes one towel and our body aromatherapy with our unforgettable natural & organic oils made at the spa.

Which Technic are the Massage?

All our massages are therapeutique style

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